The Psychic Classroom

Welcome, you’re in the right place.

The psychic classroom is where you’ll find mini courses, tutorials, handouts and resources to help you become the evidential psychic or medium you want to be.

Looking for one to one private training? It’s over here.

Becoming evidential

Becoming Evidential

A 90 minute minicourse for psychics and mediums towards working transparently, accountably and evidentially.

Plan and post Psychic Classroom

Plan and Post a Free Psychic Reading

A free training to help you plan and post a psychic reading in a Facebook group – without overwhelm.


becoming evidential

Soul Squad

Soul Squad is a monthly membership to practice evidential mediumship and deepen soul growth. Limited numbers.

Meditation Bundle

Meditation Bundle

Download all three audio journeys:

My Shiny Light, My Shiny Guides and Restore and Recharge.

becoming evidential

Trust Your Intuition

Whether you’re an old hand or just starting out, here’s permanent psychic skills waiting for you so you can finally trust your intuition.

Trust Your Intuition is an easy self-study 60 minute course.

becoming evidential

Effortless Psychic Flow

A replay of a one hour masterclass on how to get Effortless Psychic Flow. Broken down into three sections with a Q&A at the end.

Audio Downloads

My Shiny Guides

My Shiny Guides

Sensing the spirit guides, helpers and inspirers that are part of your team.

Plan and post Psychic Classroom

My Shiny Light

Build the power of a lasting connection to your own soul and the spirit world

becoming evidential

Restore and Recharge

A ten minute grounding meditation for the world-weary.


a guide for nervous mediums

Written as a total heart project, this tiny book will be your guide as you explore the inner worlds of your soul and then beyond to connect to the world of spirit.

With small stories, hints and gentle encouragement, Falling Up helps you remember that you’ve always had that connection, and how to re-find it again.

Soul Squad is a monthly membership to practice evidential mediumship and deepen spiritual growth.

Soul Squad

Your teacher:

You want someone to learn from who’s been there and got the t-shirt when it comes to psychic and mediumship.

Someone who walks the talk and calls B/S on New Age waffle. You want her to open those invisible doors and place your power in one hand and a (vegan) cupcake in the other.

I’ll do that.
Hi, I’m Denise Litchfield.

My psychic training started at 11 armed with a deck of tarot cards and my ouija board and I haven’t wavered once.

Whether you’re a nervous beginner not even sure she’s in the right place to a seasoned medium upgrading her skills, there is a training or mini course here for you.

 Denise can’t make you psychic, but she’ll show you that you already are. – Sue McKeirnan