Ready for next level support and training so you can

get professional

get proud and get paid?


The Psychic Academy is a monthly membership program for savvy ladies who want to work professionally in the intuitive arts.  We gather and flourish with monthly group calls, support and ongoing training.


This monthly membership is for you if you’re ready to work professionally as an evidential psychic or medium and want to serve others in a way that helps, heals and transforms, AND make money!

Imagine handling the toughest psychic client with ease. Letting any ‘no’s’ in a reading slide off your energy like butter and the skills to get to “yes”. Imagine getting support and feedback crafting your brilliant offer so that it brings in bookings and happy clients.

We combine the skills of evidential psychic and mediumship with the non-ick business savvy you’ll need to get your message out there.


A Psychic Academy Membership is a natural choice or those that are ready to work professionally, get paid and be proud of sacred work.


All this for $39AU a month

or pay upfront


12 months for $350 and get 3 months free

Six months for $195 (get one month free)

No lock in contracts, stay and play for as long as you like.

Group calls twice a month for support and on-going practice.

Individual attention, and extra FB lives made just for you.

Dibs on everything I learn on courses and retreats – you get it first.

20% discount on any other session you book with me.


About the only thing I love more than cake is dishing out jaw dropping gems in the form of readings and helping others to do the same.


I’m fairly irreverent; allergic to new-age fluff, but I wasn’t born this fabulous. It took many rounds of life’s snakes and ladders before I finally “got” that I was psychic and even more to train as an evidential medium.
I’ve honed my communication prowess over half a lifetime teaching fitness. I’ll get a point across and make sure you have fun, and you won’t have to do star jumps. 


Delivering straight-up info and guidance for whatever questions keep you awake at night is my thing.


Mythbusting comes in a close second after cake, and I love to elevate other budding psychics to a shining professional level so that they dazzle clients with details and touch hearts with the evidence in their work.


If you like a sassy straight-shooting style and you’re ready to become a 21st Century evidential psychic who’s fearless and natural, unapologetically herself AND makes money with her sacred work, the Psychic Academy is for you.

The Academy is more than just another group, it’s an online suportive family. – Amelia Benfell

When you join, you get:

– Access to a UK trained evidential psychic and medium (that’d be me, plus anyone else who pops in to add their expertise…)
– 2 x monthly training and support calls, aimed at taking your skills to the next level.
– Extra training modules added frequently to refer to and an ever growing library of resources.
– Opportunity to post up to 20 min recording of your reading for feedback and support.
– 20% off all private mentoring session and packages with me.
– Gentle accountability to nudge you along with those Big Goals you have.
– A community of beautiful 21st Century psychics and mediums who want to be as connected to their sacred work as they can.