Soul Squad

 Soul Squad:

Mediumship practice and

spiritual development circle


Soul Squad is a monthly membership to practice evidential mediumship in a small brave group. Run very much like a traditional development circle with four calls a month on set days.

Whether it’s because your personal curiosity guides you, or you’re already working with the unseen world in an evidential manner, Soul Squad support will help you flourish in your own way.

This monthly membership is for you if you’re ready to show up as an evidence-based medium and are ready to brave the discomfort that authentically growing your soul means. 

Four online squad practice calls a month in two times zones.

Individual attention, and a library of resources.

Frank and supportive discussions – a place to feel safe. 

20% discount on private readings or trainings with me.

Join monthly

Stay as long as you like.

Psychic Academy

 Soul Squad is a place to finally be yourself.

Soul Squad is open to anyone willing to step up and practice evidential mediumship in a group call. 
Emphasis is on the essential inner work needed in order to be effective as mediums. That’s why we work hard. We’re all on the same page, singing from the same hymnbook, but each of us might be there for different reasons.




 Those reasons might be:

 You’ve learned the mediumship ‘rules’, but something’s missing.

You’re a medium, you just want a safe place to practice.

Or you just want to rest and nourish your own soul for a while with no aim to be a professional anything.
Psychic Acsdemy
Psychic Acsdemy

Soul Squad has become a spiritual home for some. We support each other while also gently helping to take responsibility.

We are positive, but not fake.

We support but don’t enable.

We work with evidence.

Most of all we’re ready to jump in and risk getting it wrong, for the sake of learning this amazing craft of communing with Spirit.

If you’re ready to become a 21st Century evidential medium who’s fearless and natural, unapologetically herself, Soul Squad is for you.

 Soul Squad is more supportive. I can be my true self there. 

No lock in contracts, pay monthly.
  4 x training calls a month in two time zones. Replays posted in the group.
  Calls are Thursday evenings and last Friday of the month.
  A library of self study resources to refer to.
  Guest mentors, special events and my eyes on your soul growth
  20% off private mentoring sessions and packages with me.
  Gentle accountability to nudge you along with the Big Spiritual Goals you have.
  A community of beautiful 21st Century mediums who aim to be connected to their sacred work.

  You’re working with another coach/mentor in a non-evidential field of energy work, healing, psychic or mediumship. It could confuse the work we do here. In this case, come with an open mind and be prepared to move out of your comfort zone!
  You’re not ready to work on each call. We’re focused on the practical application of mediumship here, so come prepared and in the power.
  If you’re undergoing a great deal of mental or emotional stress. Use the time to sit for the power and do any healing needed. We will welcome you back gladly when you feel ready.
  Soul Squad membership is not open to those teaching in the psychic/mediumship/energy work field.




Join monthly

No lock in contracts, stay as long you like.


 Soul Squad is more than a membership. It’s an online supportive mediumship family. – Amelia Benfell