If intuition is on again off again like a bad relationship, don’t let it ghost you.
You’re good at listening to intuitive nudges, but you want more, not just when the moon is full and Mercury’s in Gatorade.
👻 Don’t let psychic-ness ghost you.
There’s a mini course with quick and easy tips to get you back on line and with your psychic-ness paying the attention you deserve.
Effortless Psychic Flow is for newbies who aren’t even sure they’re psychic, but still curious.


This is a  replay of a 60 minute masterclass to get Effortless Psychic Flow.


It’s in three sections addressing three major obstacles to receiving psychic messages for yourself.

At the end of this course, you’ll have three key confidence building approaches that generate 80% of psychic success.

During the masterclass, I mention a psychic course offered periodically – My Psychic Soul.

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Links to things mentioned in the class:

HAPPINESS JAR APP: http://www.thehappinessjar.com

The Psychic Playground FB group has had a makeover. It’s now unapologetically named, Psychic AF, because that’s what we are. 

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