Becoming Evidential is a 90 minute mini course for healers, psychics and mediums to work more transparently, accountably and evidentially.


You’ll recognise your spiritual ideals already aligned here, perhaps breathe a sigh of relief at how easy it is to reframe into evidential work and finish feeling empowered and confirmed.

 Denise can’t make you psychic, but she’ll show you that you already are. – Sue McKeirnan

Weed out unintentional bad habits.

Know where your psychic information comes from. 

Work with more spiritual accountability.



Becoming Evidential covers:

 What evidential means and how you already might be.
 What isn’t evidential psychic work and how to bridge to that.
 How to be more accountable in an evidential reading.
 What this means for healers.
 From general statements to specifics.
 Gentle transitions while becoming evidential.


The mini course is a good fit for:

Psychics, mediums, healers and anyone curious about being one.

Anyone wanting to raise the bar on what's generally recognised as a reading.

For those who feel confused or intimidated about who and where psychic information comes from.

Becoming Evidential is not a good fit if:

 You’re not open to working more transparently.
 You’re afraid of getting a ‘no’.
 Want to rely on spiritual hierarchies.
 Not ready to own the source of your work.

How much?


Sneak peek of course content below.

Sneak peek of course content

Some boring stuff you might want to read before enrolling.
Privacy Notice.

Denise Litchfield

Psychic and Medium

I’m not your average psychic, but you knew that already.
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