A guide for psychics and mediums in the Evidential Psychic’s Playground Facebook group towards working more transparently, accountably and evidentially.
becoming evidential

A free class open to all in the Evidential Psychic’s Playground Facebook group as a guide  for  psychics/healers/mediums to working more evidentially. 

You will find much of your spiritual ideals already aligned here, and finish the call feeling empowered and confirmed.


We cover:
*What evidential means in terms of our group.
*What isn’t evidential and how to bridge to that.
*Recognising an evidential reading. *Implications for healers
*Moving away from general statements
*How to be kind to yourself and others in the transition.
*How you might already be working evidentially.


This is a good fit for:
Anyone in the EPP Facebook group who is working already as a psychic or curious about being one.

For those who feel confused about the changes in the group.
Or so bewildered you don’t even wanna post in case it breaks a rule.


This is not a good fit:

*If you’re not open to working more transparently.

*If you’re afraid of getting a ‘no’.

*Happy to stay where you are.

*Not ready to own the source of your work.


The class is an exploration rather than an accusation, and
like life, the changes in the group are a work in progress, not aimed at or attacking anyone or style of work.


* Get better results by eliminating unintentional bad habits.
* Work more professionally.
* Increase personal and spiritual integrity.


When I read the posts about evidential readings; it was like something in my mind shifted/cleared and I saw why I struggled for so long!
Thank you for raising the bar because now I have a clearer understanding of what spirit and my soul feels like and sounds like.
Owning that the guidance comes from me is life changing advice.

– Gift Pattenden, Canada

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