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My Shiny Light • My Shiny Guides • Restore and Recharge

with Denise Litchfield

My Shiny Guides

This is no ordinary guided meditation. In fact, it’s not passive at all, it’s an extended version of the empowerment technique used in the My Shiny Light audio process.

If you have listened to other “meet your Guides” meditations before, prepare for something different. In order to make an authentic and lasting connection, we have to raise our energy to meet them halfway.

That’s why this audio journey focuses on building the power of your energy to boost it up to the level where your Guides and Helpers have access. Think of it as an extra wifi range as your energy field gets stronger.

Go deeper into this 28-minute journey and feel the presence of your Guides as you make a tangible connection to them.

If you already have the 10 minute My Shiny Light process, you’ll love this longer journey.

My shiny light

My Shiny Light is a fast track audio empowerment exercise connecting to the intuition you’ve always known was there. Think of it as a booster pack for psychic wifi.

Never be an emotional sponge again. Detect instantly what’s your’s and what isn’t by knowing what the energetic “you” feels like.

My Shiny Light is perfect for women who feel sensitive to everything around them. It’s a ten-minute audio process to increase the amount of light in your field, building gradually – no more overwhelm.

No more elaborate “protection” and “shielding” and the drain that goes with it, because with increased personal power, there’s no need. Stuff will side off like bugs on a windshield.

It’s ten minutes, laced with Binaural beats to get into that relaxed and open headspace super fast.

Can’t meditate? That’s OK. This isn’t a meditation, it’s an empowerment exercise. The more it’s used, the shinier your aura becomes and the more connected you’ll feel.

: to yourself
: to your higher self
: to the divine
: to your Spirit Guides
: to your intuition.

Because being psychic isn’t stressful, how you manage it is.

Restore and Recharge

Welcome to Restore and Recharge: a ten-minute grounding meditation for world-weary psychics and sensitive people.

Somehow, in the travels of the day, you lost yourself.

It was too long, too loud, with office lights so bright, you wanted to scream, “Alright I’ll tell you where it’s buried!”

All you want is to be home, damp from a hot shower, with comfy clothes, cancelled dates and couch time.

There’s a glass of chablis in your hand and buzz in your ears that won’t quit. Your head feels like a balloon on a string. Sure, your body’s home, but you’re still out there.

Waaay out there.

Reaching for the headphones, your thumb hits “play” and the ear buzz fades. You follow along, eyes closed as you grope for your own dog-eared edges, collecting wayward parts of yourself to pat them back into place.

Secret sounds are hidden in the track entice your mind to an even cosier homecoming, and soon: touchdown. The couch is your only world and serious me time has arrived.

Because “lost in transit” is for suitcases, not your head.

Meditation Bundle

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Restore and Recharge

Restore and Recharge 

Free with bundle purchase

I use this meditation whenI’m too fidgety for normal meditation because it soothes me. I’ve tried guided meditations in the past and never really liked them, but this one is perfect for me, and it works.

– Alex, Sydney