My Shiny Light

10 minutes to build the power of your soul 

with Denise Litchfield

My Shiny Light is a fast track audio empowerment exercise connecting to the intuition you’ve always known was there. Think of it as a booster pack for psychic wifi.

Never be an emotional sponge again. Detect instantly what’s your’s and what isn’t by knowing what the energetic “you” feels like.

My Shiny Light is perfect for women who feel sensitive to everything around them. It’s a ten-minute audio process to increase the amount of light in your field, building gradually – no more overwhelm.

No more elaborate “protection” and “shielding” and the drain that goes with it, because with increased personal power, there’s no need. Stuff will side off like bugs on a windshield.

It’s ten minutes, laced with Binaural beats to get into that relaxed and open headspace super fast.

Can’t meditate? That’s OK. This isn’t a meditation, it’s an empowerment exercise. The more it’s used, the shinier your aura becomes and the more connected you’ll feel.

: to yourself
: to your higher self
: to the divine
: to your Spirit Guides
: to your intuition.

Because being psychic isn’t stressful, how you manage it is.

My Shiny Light

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My Shiny Light is the best. I never liked ‘guided’ meditations,

and this ‘quiet’ one gets me going again. 

– Colette Copeland