Restore and Recharge

Essential Grounding Meditation

by Denise Litchfield

Welcome to Restore and Recharge: a ten-minute grounding meditation for world-weary psychics and sensitive people.

Somehow, in the travels of the day, you lost yourself.

It was too long, too loud, with office lights so bright, you wanted to scream, “Alright I’ll tell you where it’s buried!”

All you want is to be home, damp from a hot shower, with comfy clothes, cancelled dates and couch time.

There’s a glass of chablis in your hand and buzz in your ears that won’t quit. Your head feels like a balloon on a string. Sure, your body’s home, but you’re still out there.

Waaay out there.

Reaching for the headphones, your thumb hits “play” and the ear buzz fades. You follow along, eyes closed as you grope for your own dog-eared edges, collecting wayward parts of yourself to pat them back into place.

Secret sounds are hidden in the track entice your mind to an even cosier homecoming, and soon: touchdown. The couch is your only world and serious me time has arrived.

Because “lost in transit” is for suitcases, not your head. 

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Denise Litchfield

Psychic and Medium

I’m not your average psychic, but you knew that already.
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I use this meditation when I’m too fidgety for normal meditation because it soothes me. I’ve tried guided meditations in the past and never really liked them, but this one is perfect for me, and it works.

– Alex, Sydney