My Shiny Guides Audio

Building a deeper connection

with Denise Litchfield


This is no ordinary guided meditation. In fact, it’s not passive at all, it’s an extended version of the empowerment technique used in the My Shiny Light audio process.

If you have listened to other “meet your Guides” meditations before, prepare for something different. In order to make an authentic and lasting connection, we have to raise our energy to meet them halfway.

That’s why this audio journey focuses on building the power of your energy to boost it up to the level where your Guides and Helpers have access. Think of it as an extra wifi range as your energy field gets stronger.

Go deeper into this 28-minute journey and feel the presence of your Guides as you make a tangible connection to them.

If you already have the 10 minute My Shiny Light process, you’ll love this longer journey.

My Shiny Guides Audio

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I use this meditation several times a week where I’m too fidgety for normal meditation because it soothes me. I’ve tried guided meditations in the past and never really liked them, but this one is perfect for me, and it works.

– Alex, Sydney